Birding in Hokkaido, Japan

A typical day with Birdwatching Breaks

Naturally we spend most of our time in the field but this does vary on each tour. In temperate climates we generally have breakfast early and take a packed lunch with us for the day. Returning in the evening, we try to allow you at least one hour before dinner to shower and freshen up.

In Africa, parts of Asia and South America, birds are most active at dawn, hence we start birding at this time. We usually arrange coffee or tea before going out and come back mid-morning for brunch. In countries with a hot climate we take a siesta in the middle of the day or travel between sites. We return to birding late afternoon when bird activity starts again. To balance early starts we try to return earlier in the evening. Before dinner, we have drinks and go through the daily log of birds observed.

We endeavour to stay in hotels, lodges and family homes as close as possible to areas of birding interest. Wherever possible, we stay in accommodation reflecting the character and atmosphere of the country we are visiting rather than ‘standard type’ hotels. Rooms have private facilities unless otherwise stated. In some locations without a tourist infrastructure, facilities may be shared or, in areas without permanent accommodation, a chemical toilet and bush shower are used.

Hotels around the world are phasing out single rooms and accommodating clients in double/twin rooms. This has, in effect, pushed up the price of a single room quite considerably. If you are a single traveller, please consider sharing a room. If you have ticked twin-bedded room on your holiday booking form but we are unable to find you a suitable roommate, a single room supplement will apply.

Food is important to our clients and is on a half-board basis of breakfast and evening meal with a packed lunch in the field. We try to ensure food is based upon the cuisine of the country we are visiting. On occasions where half-board in not available, you can choose from a la carte menus. If this is the case, we make an allowance for evening meals.

In 2024 we offer holidays in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Americas, and in Scotland through Black Isle Birding.

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